Friday, March 4, 2011

Hello Spring! How 'bout a CONTEST?!

Okay, so spring hasn't actually "sprung" here in Minnesota, but it will someday. And when it does, I am SO beyond ready. And when I say "ready", I mean I've already got my flip-flops lined up in the closet, my capris are washed and ready, and I bought new preggo t-shirts to celebrate the warming weather. I. AM. READY.

As if to show my great anticipation for all things "springy", my shop has begun to resemble some kind of floral garden of color, inspiration, and delight. Come, enjoy with me. Smell the goodness of spring.

Inspired by the bright, light-weight, seemingly perfect hues and fabrics of spring and summer, this pack is vibrant, exciting, and adorable.

Reminiscent of those first couple of bright, sun-shiney days of spring- you know the ones- you wake up and you just KNOW it's going to be a good day. That's this paper pack in a nutshell- pure solar happiness.

With warmer weather, inevitably, comes new fashion, and even if I don't understand it, plaid is one of those new spring fashion additions to seemingly everyone's wardrobe. Even though I've never been able to successfully pull of the look, I commend those who can- and I salute thee with this delicious paper pack.

What's more "springy" than Easter? Green grass, colored eggs, grown men dressed up in bunny costumes- the whole thing is celebratory and Hallmark has done its best to make it remarkable. Also, more importantly, the resurrection of Jesus Christ- the promise of new life. These light floral colors are the perfect all-purpose papers for the everyday scrapper in you.

Perfect combos of pospicle-flavors surrounded by flowers, swirls, and a general joyful appeal, this kit is sure to be the perfect accompaniment to any springy layout. Try it- I dare you. You'll smile.

Now that you've had a proper dose of sunshine, get to work! I'd love to see your favorite spring-themed scrapbook layouts- submit a link to yours in the comment area, and by Friday March 11 at noon, I'll pick a winner. Winner gets ALL of the sets featured in this post. For free. Get excited!

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