Monday, March 21, 2011

Featured Artist: BowDacious Babes Rockn' Hair Accessories

I know, this is my scrapbooking blog. I know, I don't really talk about anything except scrapbooking here- but I just had to make an exception today. I am so excited about this brand new store- and all of the possibilities for little ones and their hot mommas offered by it- that I couldn't keep it to myself!

I got to sit down with Crystal, the owner/operator of BowDacious Babes recently- here's our interview:

ShellinaScrap: Crystal- this new store is awesome! Tell us about how it came about.

Crystal:   In the beginning though all the inventive Ideas were flowing for months, BowDacious Babes Rockn' Hair accessories was officially created in January 2011. I was always a fan of hair bows and head bands for me as well as for babies and toddlers..all ages really, but, I was never a fan of how big, identical, and ordinary and expensive they were. So as the months went by of sheeting all my business plans, stores like Joanns, micheals and whatever other stores were of my interest became my daily to do list, except, it was more like Idea list. So one day, as I was walking through the gates of paradise in other words, Joanns haha, I walked to the fabrics and it hit me!!Custom fabric head bands and bows!

ShellinaScrap: What made you choose to use Facebook as your selling platform as opposed to other crafty selling sites?

Crystal: I chose to open and sell my product using Facebook for now because I feel its a smart move as a new small business, not to mention it provided me with everything I needed to build my clientele as well as my store front, provided by 'payvement' (sponsored by paypal) so that all my customers can conveniently shop just by allowing the app. Starting this way enables me to do **FREE Shipping** and allows me to constantly be able to tend to all needs and/or requests.

ShellinaScrap: We love awesome customer perks. It looks like you've got a lot of sales going on- who's helping you get all this work done?

Crystal:  Because I am so particular as others would call, a perfectionist, my husband is the only one who helps me on occasion(when hes not on duty for the military) and he is a great help.Other then that its just me, myself and I that makes and ships all orders, and I'm darn good at it!

ShellinaScrap: You're such a confident business-owner. What do you love about owning your own business?

Crystal: I love owning my own business because instead of giving pieces of your hearts desire into someone else's goals, you can put all your hearts desires into your own career and its path, it just depends on how high you want to make your mark.Taking the bull by the horns as I like to say, metaphorically of course!

ShellinaScrap: Okay, the question everyone is asking- How did you come up with that awesome name?

Crystal: The name BowDacious Babes was created  by me and my amazingly talented sister! For days we conversed about what the name should be and because my bows and bands are for all ages I didn't want a name that was going to give the impression that it was only for their little angel and not for them. I want all my customers, whether they're mommies or not, to enjoy my product for themselves as well, because nobodies too old to make their hair BowDacious!


After our interview, I asked Crystal if she would be interested in offering a giveaway- and you know what? She was more than happy to do one! BowDacious Babes will send one lucky ready two custom bows- one for momma and one for baby- FOR FREE! Comment on the post telling us which bow you love the most in Crystal's collection, and a random commenter will be chosen on Friday March 25! (see example of custom bow below)


Like what you saw here? Contact BowDacious Bows at the following links- and share them with your friends!
Contact Email: BowDaciousBabes01(at)Gmail(dot)com

A very special thanks to Crystal from BowDacious Babes! 


  1. What great bows! Living out here in Utah, everyone and their mother doesn't bows and flowers, but there isn't much creative variety.

    I would love to win the Bodacious Cherry Headband and/or the girly skull headband. Good luck with your business!

  2. Edit: Does bows, does...I suppose I should proof read.