Thursday, May 20, 2010

Summer At Last!

As some of you might know, I live in Minnesota. There are several things this state is known for: The Vikings pro football team, The Mall of America, and COLD WINTERS. Notice I wrote that last one in all caps? It's not just for effect. Our winters are cold, long, and just plain mean. During the winter you've got your standard photo ops- Christmas, the first snow... then it's the second snow, the third, then before you know it, it's the 100th snowy day and by golly, even the kids don't want to play in it anymore. It's during these times that us scrapbookers really hunker down and get pages done. It's perfect weather for scrapping- get a movie, a hot chocolate, and your laptop, and you're all set. Hello, hours and hours of happy scrapping!

This time of year, though, as the flowers are blooming and the grass needs mowing, I think things slow down for everyone when it comes to making progress on our scrapbooks. It's just so tempting outside, isn't it?! And plus, I bet the hubby (if you have one) is grilling and the kiddos (if you've got em) are running around... and there's probably a book you could be reading...

As fun as all that is- let's get back on track. The long-lasting natural light of the summer months makes for perfect photos of the kiddos AND the hubby, as well as your beautiful garden. If there were ever a time to get that camera out, it's now. So, go find it, get it out, and take those pictures. Then, when the little ones are off to bed, come to ShellinaScrap for the cutest Sunny Day paper you'll ever find. It's perfect for those fun-in-the-sun photos! Take a look yourself!

Like what you see? It's currently for sale at SuperShellina:
Sunny Day

Now, go have fun in that sun! :)

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