Friday, December 17, 2010

Vacations and Other Goodies

It's here, folks. The grand vacation of 2010 is upon us. Christmas in California.

It doesn't get much better than this! Here's a little Q&A to help you through this short time while we're gone:

Why are you going to CA?
The real question here should be: Why aren't we ALL going to CA?

Seriously, though: Shellina's family lives in CA. So there's one reason. Another reason: it's butt-cold in Minnesota right now. It's not in CA. Boom. We're going on vacation.

How long will you be gone?
Our trip officially begins Sunday morning (the 19th), and we'll be back sometime on January 4.

What about the store?
ShellinaScrap has been temporarily closed during our vacation. This is for several reasons:

Family is important. One of the many reasons I love working for myself is that I get to put those I love first when needed. It's needed.

We might not have the most reliable internet service the whole time- so if we get an order when we're, say, in San Diego without internet, it would be crappy. So we're on hiatus.

Um, it's Christmas.

Will you have a total blast and come back refreshed and with a whole new line of digital scrapbooking goodies for us to love and preserve our memories with?
Darn tootin'.

And with that, all the big questions have been answered. We shall see you when we return. (Expect another blog post at least once in the next couple of weeks- you know I can't stay away). If you really, REALLY miss us, keep up with us in the following ways:

Register to get an email from Etsy when ShellinaScrap reopens (push the big blue "Yes, notify me by email" button.)

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year- from all of us, (well, it's just me here), at ShellinaScrap! :)

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